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Awarded by the Sovereign, on the advice of the Government
Type Award
Day August 14
Eligibility Pakistani or Foreign citizen
Awarded for The highest degree of service to the state, and for services to international diplomacy.
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign President of Pakistan
Sovereign Prime minister of Pakistan
Grades 5 grade: Star (1st Class)
Badge (Second Class)
Ribbon (military only)
Collar Chain (4th class)
Medal (5th Class)[1]
Established 19 March 1957.
First induction 19 March 1957
Next (higher) Nishan-e-Imtiaz
Next (lower) Sitara-i-Imtiaz
Crescent of Excellence Hilal-e-Imtiaz.png
Ribbons: military (only)

The Hilal-i-Imtiaz[2] (English: Crescent of Excellence; Urdu: ہلال امتیاز‎, Hilāl-i Imtiyāz) is the second highest civilian award and honour given to both civilians and military officers of the Pakistan armed forces by the Government of Pakistan. It recognises individuals who have made an "especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of Pakistan, world peace, cultural or other significant public endeavors". It is a civilian award, and not limited to the citizens of Pakistan.

The honour is restricted to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in their fields that led to international recognition to the State. It is awarded in the fields of literature, arts, sports, medicine, and science for civilians. It is announced every year on Independence Day, August 14, and given on Pakistan Day, March 23, by the President of Pakistan. For officers in the military, it is given for distinguished service, and is also the highest medal awarded to those at the rank of Major General or Lieutenant General (Army), Air Vice-Marshals or Air Marshals (Air Force) and Rear-Admiral or Vice-Admiral (Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines). Parliament's committee for Award and Recognition Services for State of Pakistan selects the names of individuals and sends their report to the Prime Minister; on his advice, the President makes the award in a ceremony that is broadcast by the PTV. The award is usually given to individuals, not groups, because the purpose of the award is to recognise the recipients' individual contributions.

The award is a disc of golden Jasminum between the five points of a pure gold star. The star has additional bright Jasminum; in its centre there is a green emerald with a golden crescent.

A special grade of the medal has a larger execution of the same medal design worn as a star on the left of the chest. In addition, it is worn as a sash on the right shoulder, with its rosette (yellow with white for civilians and green for military officers) with white and yellow edge, bearing the central disc of the medal at its center) resting on the left hip. At the ceremony, both medals can be worn at the same time according to their achievements. The medal is suspended on a ribbon, dark green with a light yellow and white central stripe and white edge stripes.

List of recipients[edit]


  • Air Chief Marshal Anwar Shamim
  • Gen Muhammad Musa Khan
  • Gen Raheel Sharif
  • Gen Shamim Alam Khan
  • Gen Rashad Mahmood
  • Gen Tariq Majid
  • Lt-Gen(then Major)Akhtar Abdur Rahman
  • Lt Gen Hamid Gul
  • Lt Gen Muhammad Aslam Shah
  • Lt-Gen Muhammad Afzal Janjua
  • Lt-Gen Masood Aslam
  • Lt-Gen Faiz Jilani
  • Lt-Gen Khalid Maqbool
  • Lt-Gen Zarrar Azim
  • Lt-Gen Syed Arif Hassan
  • Lt-Gen Rizwan Akhtar
  • Lt-Gen Shahid Aziz
  • Lt-Gen Shahid Hamid
  • Lt-Gen Masood Perwaiz
  • Lt.Gen Muhammad Safdar
  • Lt.Gen Dr. Ghulam Safdar Butt
  • Maj-Gen Pervez Akmal
  • Maj-Gen Tajul Haq
  • Maj Gen Muhammad Afzal, HI(M)
  • Maj-Gen Kaizad Maneck Sopariwala
  • Maj-Gen Mohammad Iqbal Akbar Khan
  • Maj-Gen Tariq Hamid
  • Maj-Gen Asif Duraiz
  • Maj-Gen Fahim Akhtar Khan
  • Maj-Gen Ali Baz
  • Maj-Gen Shahid Saddiq Tirmizey
  • Maj-Gen Khalid Munir Khan
  • Maj-Gen Javed Alam Khan
  • Maj-Gen Syed Abdul Ahad Najmi
  • Maj-Gen Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery
  • Maj-Gen Nusrat Naeem
  • Maj-Gen Asif Ali
  • Maj-Gen Shaukat Sultan Khan
  • Maj-Gen Tahir Mahmood Malik
  • Maj-Gen Shahid Iqbal
  • Maj-Gen Muhammad Siddique
  • Maj-Gen Jamshed Ayaz Khan
  • Maj-Gen Muhammad Akram Sahi
  • Maj-Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha
  • Maj-Gen Muhammad Farooq
  • Maj-Gen Muhammad Tahir Saeed
  • Maj-Gen Masood Hasan
  • Maj-Gen Muhammad Mustafa Khan
  • Maj-Gen Ayyaz Saleem Rana
  • Maj-Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi
  • Maj-Gen Qasim Qureshi
  • Maj-Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa
  • Maj-Gen Bilal Omer Khan
  • Maj-Gen Imtiaz Ahmad
  • Maj-Gen Nasim Ul Majeed
  • Maj-Gen Badshah Khan
  • Maj-Gen Javed Khan
  • Maj-Gen Abdul Malik
  • Maj-Gen Saeed Ullah Khan
  • Maj-Gen Khalid Munir Khan
  • Maj-Gen Syed Muhammad Azam
  • Air Marshal Sarfraz Arshad Toor
  • Air Marshal Sarfraz Arshad Toor
  • Air Marshal Keleem Saadat
  • Air Vice-Marshal Javed Zafar Pasha
  • Air Vice-Marshal Arshad Rashid Sethi
  • Air Vice-Marshal Muhammad Ateeb Siddiqui
  • Air Vice-Marshal Hifazat Ullah Khan
  • Air Vice-Marshal M. Ikram Ullah Bhatti
  • Vice Admiral Iftikahr Ahmed
  • Vice Admiral Asaf Humayun
  • Rear Admiral Syed Ahmed Baqar
  • Rear Admiral Taj Mohammad Khattak
  • Rear Admiral Shahid Karimullah
  • Rear Admiral Irfan Ahmed
  • Rear Admiral Noman Bashi
  • Capt Danish Waseem Butt


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