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Hilda (also known as Hildafolk[1]) is an award-winning British children's graphic novel series written and illustrated by Luke Pearson and published by Nobrow Press.


The graphic novels are set in a fantastic world resembling a late 20th century Scandinavia and are drawing inspiration mainly from Scandinavian folklore and folk tales and the Moomins.[2] The titular character is a small girl, who in the first two books lives with her mother in a cottage on a plain surrounded by mountains and forests, but later moves to the city Trolberg. Hilda's world is inhabited by regular people and fantastical creatures like trolls, giants, elves and spirits. In the fourth book, Hilda joins Trolberg's Sparrow Scouts.

Main characters[edit]

  • Hilda - The main heroine, a headstrong, smart, kind and curious girl, keen on exploring the world around her with an open mind. Even though she does not avoid other kids and interacts with her classmates and fellow scouts, she mostly keeps to herself and makes friends with fantastical creatures instead.
  • Twig – Hilda's faithful pet that is half deer half fox (deerfox).
  • Hilda's Mum – Hilda's mother is caring and supportive, but at times she can worry too much. When she was little she used to be a Sparrow Scout, a fictional Trolberg equivalent of the girl scouts.

Publication history[edit]

Year Original Title Writer and illustrator Publisher ISBN Notes
2010 Hildafolk Luke Pearson Nobrow Press (London) ISBN 978-1907704048 re-released as Hilda and the Troll in 2013 by Flying Eye Books (London), ISBN 978-1909263147
2011 Hilda and the Midnight Giant Luke Pearson Nobrow Press (London) ISBN 978-1907704253
2012 Hilda and the Bird Parade Luke Pearson Nobrow Press (London) ISBN 978-1909263062
2014 Hilda and the Black Hound Luke Pearson Flying Eye Books (London) ISBN 978-1909263185
2016 Hilda and the Stone Forest Luke Pearson Flying Eye Books (London) ISBN 978-1909263741
2019 Hilda and the Mountain King Luke Pearson Flying Eye Books (London) ISBN 978-1911171171

The Hilda graphic novels were released in locally translated versions in several other countries, including France,[3] Germany, [4] Italy, [5] Spain,[6] Sweden,[7] Norway [8] and Czech Republic.[9]

Reception and awards[edit]

Critical reception[edit]

The series was highly praised by critics and fans alike. The New York Times review by Pamela Paul of the volume Hilda and the Bird Parade draws comparisons between Pearson's fantastic worlds and the creations of Hayao Miyazaki, further stating: "In Hilda’s world, daytime is drawn in burnt orange, maroon and drab olive, and the night is an icy, eerie wash of dark teal and minty blue. Each landscape contains its own tantalizing visions."[10] Alexandra Lange's article about the whole series for The New Yorker also stresses the similarities with Miyazaki's works and talks about the complexity of Pearson's creations and their appeal to kids and adults alike: “Pearson’s aesthetic is sophisticated for the often candy-colored world of children’s animation, and the plots fit neatly into a number of present-day parenting preoccupations.”[11]

In July 2013, Hilda and the Midnight Giant was featured in The Best 7 Books for Young Readers list released by Deutschlandfunk, the German public radio.[12] The same year in November Hilda and the Bird Parade was included in the list of Notable Children’s Books of 2013 by The New York Times[13].

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Book Status Award
2012 Hilda and the Midnight Giant Won British Comic Awards, Young People's Comic Award[14]
2013 Hilda and the Bird Parade Nominated Angoulême International Comics Festival, Sélection Jeunesse[15]
2014 Hilda and the Midnight Giant Won Max & Moritz Prize, Best Comic Book for Kids[16]
2014 Hilda and the Midnight Giant Won Gran Guinigi, Best Book Series[17]
2014 Hilda and the Bird Parade Nominated Eisner Award, Best Publication for Kids (ages 8–12)[18]
2014 Hilda and the Bird Parade Nominated Eisner Award, Best Writer/Artist[18]
2017 Hilda and the Stone Forest Nominated Eisner Award, Best Publication for Kids (ages 9–12)[19]


The TV production and licensing company Silvergate Media launched an animated series based on the graphic novels exclusively on Netflix on 21 September 2018.[20][21][22]


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