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Hilda Kean is a British historian, former Dean and Director of Public History at Ruskin College, Oxford, and an honorary research fellow there. She specializes in public and cultural history, and in particular the cultural history of animals.[1]

Kean is the author of a number of books, including Animal Rights: Political and Social Change in Britain since 1800 (1998), and People and their Pasts: Public History Today (2009, with Paul Ashton).[1]


  • (2017) The Great Cat and Dog Massacre
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  • (1990) Deeds not Words: The Lives of Suffragette Teachers, Pluto Press
  • (1990) Challenging the State? The Socialist and Feminist Educational Experience, Falmer
Selected papers
  • (2011) "Commemorating Animals: Glorifying Humans? Remembering and Forgetting animals in War Memorials," eds Maggie Andrews, Charles Bagot–Jewitt, Nigel Hunt, Lest we Forget.Remembrance and Commemoration, History Press, pp. 60–70
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