Hilda Montalba

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Hilda Montalba
Born Hilda Montalba
Died 1919
Venice, Italy
Nationality British
Known for Painter
Notable work Boy Unloading a Venetian Market Boat
Boy Unloading a Venetian Market Boat by Hilda Montalba

Hilda Montalba (1846—1919)[1] was a British painter and sculptor.

Early life[edit]

Hilda Montalba was born in England in the mid-1840s,[2] one of four daughters of the Swedish-born artist Anthony Rubens Montalba and Emeline (née Davies). The 1871 British census shows Anthony Montalba living at 19 Arundel Gardens, Notting Hill, London, with four daughters, all artists.[3]


Hilda and her three sisters all attained high repute as artists. The Montalba sisters were regular contributors to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition during the 1870s.[2] Like her sisters, Hilda painted many landscape subjects, including scenes of Venice. Like Clara she painted fishing boats, and also painted close-up studies of Venetian people. One notable example of her work is a painting now in the Graves Art Gallery in Sheffield, Boy Unloading a Venetian Market Boat.[2]

Between 1883 and 1890 she exhibited a number of works at the Grosvenor Gallery in Bond St, initially sculpture, later paintings of Venice, such as Venetian Fog, exhibited in 1890.[4]

Three of her oil paintings are in UK public collections, namely Sheffield Museums and the National Trust.[1]

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