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Hilde Heltberg (30 September 1959 – 4 September 2011) was a Norwegian singer, guitarist and songwriter, born in Oslo, Norway.


Heltberg started her career in the late 70s when she entered a talent competition judged by Stein Ove Berg, who became her mentor.[1] She later joined the band Uncle John's Band, and, in 1982, X-tra, with Trond Granlund.[1] She released her first, self-titled, solo album in 1982, but found a more individual style in 1983 with På bare bein (On bare feet), produced by Jonas Fjeld.[1]

All in all Heltberg released 12 albums over the course of her career.[2] She also participated in the Norwegian qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest three times as an artist: in 1980, 1984 and 1985, and as a songwriter in 2000.[3] Her last single, titled "Elske fritt" (Free love) was released in 2009.[2] Heltberg died from cancer at Rikshospitalet on 4 September 2011.[3]



  • 1982: Hilde Heltberg
  • 1983: På bare bein
  • 2012: Elske det umulige


  • 2009: "Elske fritt"
Melodi Grand Prix (Eurovision selection)


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