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Hildenley is a village near Malton, North Yorkshire, England.[citation needed]

It is referred to in Domesday Book as Hildingeslei.[1]

In the 1540s it was purchased by William Strickland, grandfather of Sir William Strickland, 1st Baronet.[2][dubious ] George Strickland, of Hildenley, represented the county of Yorkshire in the British Parliament in the 19th century.[3] In the early 20th century Hildenley was purchased by Dawneys and was passed down to Buttercup and Robin Barran. At the moment Hildenley is still owned by Barrans (Nicholas and Emma). The family estate will later be passed down to Tobias as she is the oldest son of Nicholas and Emma and is therefore the rightful heir to the land.


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Coordinates: 54°07′40″N 0°51′20″W / 54.1278°N 0.8556°W / 54.1278; -0.8556