Hildesheim Hauptbahnhof

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Hildesheim Hauptbahnhof
Deutsche Bahn S-Bahn-Logo.svg
Through station
Hildesheim Hbf 2016.jpg
Station forecourt in August 2016
Location Hildesheim, Lower Saxony
Coordinates 52°9′38″N 9°57′14″E / 52.16056°N 9.95389°E / 52.16056; 9.95389Coordinates: 52°9′38″N 9°57′14″E / 52.16056°N 9.95389°E / 52.16056; 9.95389
Platforms 9
Other information
Station code 2765
DS100 code HHI
Category 2
Website www.bahnhof.de
Opened 1961

Hildesheim Hauptbahnhof is a railway station in the German city Hildesheim. The station opened in 1961 and is located on the Lehrte–Nordstemmen, Hildesheim–Brunswick and Hildesheim–Goslar railway. The train services are operated by Deutsche Bahn, Erixx, Metronom and NordWestBahn.


The first Hildesheim station was opened by the Royal Hanoverian State Railways as the terminus of the Lehrte–Nordstemmen line—the southern arm of its Cross railway—on 12 July 1846 to the north of the present Kaiserstraße, near the current Bahnhofsallee. After the opening of the Hanoverian Southern Railway the Cross railway was extended on 15 September 1853 to Nordstemmen Station on the Southern Railway. The reception building of the first Hildesheim railway station was a half-timbered building with a slate roof.[1]

The Hanover-Altenbeken Railway Company (German: Hannover-Altenbekener Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, HAE) was planning to build a rail line from Löhne to Vienenburg, through Hildesheim. Since it became insolvent before the completion of the line, Magdeburg-Halberstädt Railway Company (German: Magdeburg-Halberstädter Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, MHE) took over the construction of the line as well as the management of the HAE. It opened the line from Hildesheim to Vienenburg on 19 May 1875 and on 1 May 1883 the Brunswick Railway (German: Braunschweigischen Eisenbahn) opened a branch to Goslar, now part of the Hildesheim–Goslar line.

For the additional traffic the HAE built a second track from Nordstemmen to Hildesheim, but at first it had to build a temporary station, the current Hildesheim Ost station, because it was not allowed to use the existing station. Only after the nationalisation of the HAE and its parent the MHE did trains begin to stop at the main railway station on 20 May 1880.

Even without the additional traffic the original station was already too small, and so, after long negotiations with the city it was agreed to build a new station further north. On 4 May 1884,[1] the new station was opened to a design by Hubert Stier in a neo-renaissance style. The old station building was taken apart and rebuilt as Dissen-Bad Rothenfelde station, which still stands. In 1888, the single-track line to Brunswick was opened for long-distance trains running east to Magdeburg and Berlin.

Although the station building was only slightly damaged in the bombing of Hildesheim on 22 March 1945, it was demolished in 1959. In 1961 the station received a new station building in the functional style of the time. The buildings on its island platform were then removed.

The Nordstemmen–Lehrte line was electrified on 29 May 1965 and the line to Brunswick has been worked by electric trains since 30 May 1976. The Hanover–Würzburg high-speed line was connected to Hildesheim by the Hildesheim loop in 1991. Since December 2008, Hildesheim Hauptbahnhof is located on the network of the Hanover S-Bahn. S-Bahn trains leave every hour for Hannover Hauptbahnhof via both Barnt and Sarstedt (S4) and Lehrte (S3). In preparation the platforms of tracks 4/5 and 6/7 were completely renovated in 2008.

The lobby of the Train station was renovated from 2013 to 2016. The original completion was mid 2015, but the renovation caused many problems and was moved to mid 2016.

Train services[edit]

The station is served by the following services:[2]

  • Intercity Express services (ICE 11) Berlin - Braunschweig - Göttingen - Kassel - Frankfurt - Mannheim - Stuttgart - Munich
  • Intercity Express services (ICE 12) Berlin - Braunschweig - Göttingen - Kassel - Frankfurt - Mannheim - Freiburg - Basel - Zürich - Interlaken
  • Regional services RE 10 Hannover - Hildesheim - Goslar - Bad Harzburg
  • Regional services RE 50 Hildesheim – Braunschweig - Wolfsburg
  • Local services RB 77 Bünde - Löhne - Hamelin - Hildesheim
  • Local services RB 79 Hildesheim - Bad Salzdetfurth – Bodenburg
  • Hannover S-Bahn services S3 Hannover - Lehrte - Hildesheim
  • Hannover S-Bahn services S4 Bennemühlen - Langenhagen - Hannover - Hannover Messe/Laatzen - Hildesheim
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
towards Munich Hbf
ICE 11
ICE 12
Preceding station   Erixx   Following station
toward Hannover Hbf
RE 10
Die Harz-Heide-Bahn
toward Bad Harzburg
Preceding station   Metronom   Following station
Terminus RE 50
Preceding station   NordWestBahn   Following station
toward Bünde
RB 77
Terminus RB 79
toward Bodenburg
Preceding station   S-Bahn Hannover   Following station
toward Hannover Hbf
S3 Terminus
toward Bennemühlen
S4 Terminus


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