Hildesheim loop

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Hildesheim loop
Native name Hildesheimer Schleife
Locale Lower Saxony, Germany
Line length 3.7 km (2.3 mi)
Number of tracks 1
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification 15 kV/16.7 Hz AC overhead catenary
Operating speed 130 km/h (81 mph) (maximum)
Route number 1774
Route map
Hannover–Würzburg HSL from Göttingen
Sorsum junction to Hanover
Himmelsthür junction from Nordstemmen
Lehrte–Nordstemmen line
Source: German railway atlas[1]

The Hildesheim loop (German: Hildesheimer Schleife), also known as the Sorsum curve or the Hildesheim curve, is a 3.7 km long German passenger railway. It is single-track and electrified throughout. The line was opened in 1991.


An ICE train running south off the loop on to the HSL

The southern end of the line branches off the Hanover–Würzburg high-speed line at Sorsum junction, 29.5 km south of Hanover. The loop leaves running northeast from the HSL, which is running to the northwest. At Himmelsthür junction, 4.7 km west of Hildesheim, it connects with the double-track line from Hanover and Nordstemmen to Hildesheim, which runs east–west, at the 45.4 km mark. There is a down grade towards Hildesheim.

The line connects the high-speed line with Hildesheim station, conveying Intercity-Express trains running between Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. ICE trains run from Hildesheim to Brunswick and the Weddel loop to Wolfsburg and Berlin via the Hanover–Berlin high-speed line. During the day, trains run hourly both ways on the loop.


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An ICE running south on the single track loop line

Coordinates: 52°09′23″N 9°52′05″E / 52.15639°N 9.86806°E / 52.15639; 9.86806