Hilduin IV, Count of Montdidier

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Hilduin IV (d. 1063), Count of Mondidier and Seigneur de Ramerupt, son of Hilduin III, Count of Montdidier, member of the House of Montdidier. Hilduin was also Count of Roucy by virtue of his marriage to the daughter of Ebles I, Count of Roucy.

Little is known about Hilduin despite his many renown children and grandchildren. Hermann Monacii of Laon records that Philip I of France appointed Hilduin as an ambassador to Rome (date unknown).

Hildiun married Adelaide (Alice) de Roucy, daughter of Ebles I, Count of Roucy, and Beatrix of Hainaut, daughter of Reginar IV, Count of Mons, and Hedwig, daughter of Hugh Capet. They had nine children:

HIlduin was apparently the last Count of Montdidier, the line being continued with the Counts of Roucy.


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