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Hilgen is a defunct American amplifier manufacturer.

Company information[edit]

The company was started in the 1960s in Hillside, NJ. The name "Hilgen" is a combination of "Hillside" and "Gentul." Jack Gentul (1920–2000) was the founding innovator behind the Hilgen products.
The company made both guitar and bass models, with a T indicating a guitar model and a B indicating a bass model.[1]

Amplifier models[edit]

Guitar Amplifiers[edit]

  • T1506 Troubador 12" combo amp. Featured 12AX7 and 12AU7 preamp tubes, 2 EL84 power tubes, and a 5Y3GT rectifier.
  • T2511 Meteor 12" combo amp. There is mention on the Univox website that the Hilgen Meteor may have been a different brand name used by Univox to sell their U-45B 10W 12" combo amp [2] with similar circuitry and slightly different cosmetics.
  • R2523 Champion. Introduced in 1965, featured 7591A tubes, reverb and tremolo. [3]
  • There was a model called the "Swing Away", which was a semi-combo 2x12. Its unique feature was that the amp was hinged, allowing it to be tucked away in the speaker cabinet when not in use; it could then swing into position when needed.
  • R2522 Victor - Similar in appearance to other Hilgen combo amps though this model has a crest in the lower right corner. single 12" speaker. tubes: 5AR4 GZ34 rectifier, 7199 for reverb recovery, 2 x 12AX7s for preamp and reverb send, 12AU7 phase inverter. 25 to 30 watt output. [4]
  • R2521 Pacesetter - similar in appearance to other Hilgen combo amps. swirling paint design on grill cloth similar to those found on Sano amps. 12" speaker powered by 7591 power tubes

Bass Amplifiers[edit]

  • B2501 Basso, a 1x15 combo amp. Came with 2 7591A, 1 5AR4(GZ34) rectifier, and 2 12AX7As one for the preamp and one for the phase inverter for about 20-25 watts although I have heard of some having 3 12AX7's. But by today's wattage ratings is actually closer to 40 watts. Info and schematics at http://www.hilgenamplifiers.net/ [5]

(I have the amplifier section only from a B2501 Basso - it has 2x 7591A, 5AR4, but only 2x 12AX7. I have traced out the circuit, and could make it available - where to post it?) ( In Hand Confirmation (2 11 2012) on 2x 12ax7 only on this amp, not 3 as listed above.)

  • B2502 Basso Profundo, a 1x15 combo amp
  • B2503 Basso Grande, an amp head designed to piggyback on top of a speaker cabinet. Came with 2 12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 7591A power tubes, and a 5AR4(GZ34) rectifier. It came with a closed-back 2-12 speaker cabinet that had a unique, slightly angled profile. The head attached to the top of the speaker cabinet with a pair of latches.
  • B2234 HM-B, a 1x15 combo amp, also with 2 12ax7 preamp tubes, 2 7591 power tubes, and a 5AR4(GZ34) rectifier.


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