Hill-Fields Entertainment

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Hill-Fields Entertainment
Hill-Mandelker Films (1981-1985)
Leonard Hill Films (1985-1994)
Industry television
Fate merged with O'Connor Film and Company; assessments acquired by Pearson Television
Successor Hill-O'Connor (1997-2000)
Pearson Television (1997-2001)
FremantleMedia (2001-present)
Founded 1981
Defunct 1997
Headquarters United States
Key people
Leonard HIll, Philliph Mandelker
Products television, made-for-TV movies
Parent ACI Worldwide Distribution

Hill-Fields Entertainment was a production company that was founded in 1981 as Hill-Mandelker Films with producers Leonard Hill and Philliph Mandelker. Mandelker left the company in 1985, becoming Leonard Hill Films. The company launched ACI Worldwide Distribution in 1988 to distribute its productions. In 1994, Joel Fields joined the company and it became Hill-Fields Entertainment. Both companies were acquired by Pearson PLC in 1996, the production company was folded in 1997. ACI was continued as a subsidiary of Pearson Television, until 1999 when it was folded. Today the majority of the library is now owned by FremantleMedia.


  • as Hill/Mandelker Films
    • as Leonard Hill Films
      • as Hill/Fields Entertainment
  • *Dreams Don't Die
  • *The Cartier Affair (co-production with B&E Enterprises/King Features Entertainment)
  • **Rags to Riches (co-production with New World Television) NBC
  • "**Earth Angel" (co-production with Ron Gilbert Associates)
    • The Long Hot Summer
    • Passion and Paridise
    • Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys
    • Vanished Without a Trace
    • The Insiders ABC
      • Vows of Deception (co-production with Frank Abnatemarco Productions)
      • Falling From the Sky (co-production with Pacific Motion Pictures/ACI Worldwide Distribution)