Hill 24 Doesn't Answer

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Hill 24 Doesn't Answer
Film poster
Directed by Thorold Dickinson
Produced by Thorold Dickinson and Peter Frye
Written by Zvi Kolitz
Peter Frye
Starring Edward Mulhare
Music by Paul Ben Haim
Cinematography Gerald Gibbs
Edited by Joanna Dickinson
Thorold Dickinson
Release date
  • 2 November 1955 (1955-11-02)
Running time
101 minutes
Country Israel
Language English/Hebrew[1]

Hill 24 Doesn't Answer (Hebrew: Giv'a 24 Eina Ona‎), the first feature film produced in Israel, is a 1955 Israeli war film directed by Thorold Dickinson. It was entered into the 1955 Cannes Film Festival.[2] The plot revolves around the personal stories of a number of soldiers who are on their way to defend a strategic hill overlooking the road to Jerusalem.



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