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A hill bomb is a maneuver in skateboarding in which a rider rides down a big hill. The trick is noted for its particular danger and, sometimes, grace.[1]

A photograph of a skater performing a hill bomb on a longboard


Thrasher magazine refers to hill bombing as "one of the first thrills ever on a skateboard."[1] Hill bombs are dangerous and should only be attempted by highly skilled skateboarders.[2] Sean Greene, Pablo Ramirez, Frank Gerwer, GX1000, and others have repopularized hill bombing in the mid to late 2010s.[3][4]


In the 1985 Powell Peralta Skate video Future Primitive, Tommy Guerrero skates down the hills of San Francisco, using the steep landscape of the city in ways previously unseen.[5] In the 1988 skate video Sick Boys, skaters, in particular Julien Stranger, skate down the steep streets of San Francisco.[6]


In Toy Machine's 1998 skate video - Jump Off A Building - Chris Senn's part contains a number of hill bombs.[7]


At the end of Jon Allie's part in the 2005 Zero skateboards video "New Blood," he does a frontside 180 kickflip to hill bomb.[8] In the 2005 DVS skate video Skate More Dennis Busenitz incorporates a number of impressive hill bombs into his part.[9]


In 2010, Emerica released the skate video Stay Gold featuring a part by Brandon Westgate that contains a hill bomb down a drainage ditch.[10] In 2011, Magenta skateboards released SF Hill Street Blues filmed by Yoan Taillandier which features many San Francisco hill bombs.[11] In the 2011, Emerica released a video: Brandon Westgate: New Shoe, New Part which contains a number of hill bomb lines filmed in San Francisco.[12] The GX1000 videos are known to contain gnarly hill bombing, including the 2017: Adrenaline Junkie and the 2018 Roll Up and El Camino.[13][14][15][16] In the 2019 Supreme video CANDYLAND - dedicated to Pablo Ramirez and directed by William Strobeck - a number of hill bombs are featured, including ones by Sean Greene, Jeff Carlyle, Rowan Zorilla, Matt Finley, Sean Pablo, Andrew Torralvo, Taylor Nida, and Elissa Steamer.[17][18]

San Francisco[edit]

Due to its hilly nature, San Francisco, California is known to be a particularly good city in which to bomb hills.[19]

Dolores Park hill bomb[edit]

In July in San Francisco, California, hundreds of skateboarders gather on Dolores Street across from Dolores park for an impromptu hill bombing event.[20][21][22]


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