Hill of Ben

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Hill of Ben (Benigne)
Hill of Ben Fore.JPG
Hill of Ben, Fore, County Westmeath
Highest point
Elevation 191 m (627 ft)
Listing Marilyn[dubious ]
Location County Westmeath, Republic of Ireland
Parent range Westmeath Hills

Situated between Lough Glore and Lough Lene, and Lough Ban, Ireland, the Hill of Ben dominates the valley where Fore abbey was built by De Lacy of the Lord of Meath family for the French Benedictine monks. It rises sharply among the other surrounding hill that interlace with the many loughs of Westmeath. Local legend has it that Saint Patrick's successor, named Benigne, is said to have preached from the hill to bring the gospel to local communities.

Coordinates: 53°41′0″N 7°13′0″W / 53.68333°N 7.21667°W / 53.68333; -7.21667