Hill of Witches

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One of the wooden sculptures in the park

The Hill of Witches (Lithuanian: Raganų Kalnas) is an outdoor sculpture gallery near Juodkrantė, Lithuania.

It is located on a forested sand dune about 0.5 kilometer west of the Curonian Lagoon, on the Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route. Begun in 1979, it has been expanded several times, and now contains about 80 wooden sculptures along a series of trails. The artists drew on a long tradition of woodcarving in Samogitia, and on the equally long tradition of Midsummer Night's Eve (Joninės) celebrations on the hill. The pieces depict characters from Lithuanian folklore and pagan traditions.

Woodcarving symposia are held at the park on a regular basis, and new works are added. Admission is free.


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