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For other uses, see Hillegersberg (disambiguation).
Hillegersberg, view to a street: de Bergse Dorpsstraat
Hillegersberg, as seen from the Bergsche Voorplas

Hillegersberg is a neighborhood of Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was founded as a village in the Middle Ages (by legend because the giantess Hillegonda dropped some sand from her apron and Hillegersberg was founded on the mound which was formed by that[1]). Hillegersberg remained a separate municipality until 1941, when it was amalgamated into Rotterdam. in 1979 it became part of the sub-municipality of Hillegersberg-Schiebroek. This sub-municipality was replaced by the "Gebied" with the same name at the elections of March 2014. It has now an advisory commission representing the inhabitants of the area. The Gebiedscommission has 13 members.

Hillegersberg is considered to be one of the wealthiest sub-municipalities of Rotterdam. This is based on the amount of expensive houses and luxury clothing stores in the village center. Hillegersberg has also problems. Many older houses suffer from problems with their foundations, so called paalrot.

Hillegersberg in 1867.


The Japanese School of Rotterdam, a Japanese international day school, is located in this neighbourhood.[2]

The Hague-Rotterdam Japanese Saturday School (ハーグ・ロッテルダム日本語補習授業校 Hāgu Rotterudamu Nihongo Hoshū Jugyō Kō), a Japanese Saturday school formed in 1996 by the merger of existing Saturday schools in The Hague and Rotterdam,[3] holds its classes at the Rotterdam Japanese day school.[4] The Saturday school rents from the day school and has done so since 2003.[3]


Coordinates: 51°58′N 4°31′E / 51.967°N 4.517°E / 51.967; 4.517


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