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Hillel Fendel (Hebrew: הלל פנדל‎‎) was, for 16 years, senior editor and co-founder of Arutz Sheva's "Israel National News" and also works as an author [1][2] and editor. He worked as a teacher and rabbi in the past. He is a son of Rabbi Meyer Fendel, founder of Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, and the brother of Rabbi Dovid Fendel, founder of the Hesder Yeshiva of Sderot. He is also a nephew of the late Orthodox Jewish educator and author, Rabbi Zechariah Fendel.

Fendel authored a book on Jewish prayer entitled One Thing I Ask (Feldheim, June 1998).[3] The book was published in both Hebrew and English.

Fendel has authored both news articles and op-eds on IsraelNationalNews.com. He currently co-authors a biweekly column in the Jewish Press on Jerusalem affairs.

He co-authored a book with Yitzchak Herskovitz (both Hebrew and English), and edited three books: Nine Men Wanted for a Minyan by his father Rabbi Meyer Fendel, a biography of Rav She'ar Yashuv Cohen, and a book by Prof. Mordechai Rothenberg. He translated several Hebrew books into English, including the six-volume "Borne Upon a Spirit" series by Rabbi Shabtai Sabato, a work by Prof. Hagi Ben-Artzi, a Torah/science work on locusts by Rabbi Yoel Shvartz and Netanel Schorr, several works by Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, and others.


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