Hillel Street

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Hillel Street, Kikar Roma, eastward.
Red-roofed structure center left is the Italian Synagogue.

Hillel Street (Hebrew: רחוב הלל‎‎, Rehov Hillel) is one of the central streets of Jerusalem. It connects King George Street to the small Ben Sira Street and the Mamilla neighbourhood[1] and is parallel to Ben Yehuda Street. The lower part of the road is between Independence Park[1] and the Nahalat Shiva neighborhood.

The street was named for Hillel the Elder, and a street parallel to it is called Shammai Street (after Shammai the Elder). Most of the buildings on the street date from the British Mandate period and follow the architectural style of that time.

It is located in the business district. There are shops, cafes, pubs and office buildings. On the street is the first two original cafés for Aroma Espresso Bar and Cafe Hillel (which got its name from the street).[2]

Among the notable buildings are:


Coordinates: 31°46′47.16″N 35°13′8.99″E / 31.7797667°N 35.2191639°E / 31.7797667; 35.2191639