Hiller Aviation Museum

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Hiller Aviation Museum
The front of the Hiller Aviation Museum. A Rutan Long-EZ is on the roof.
EstablishedJune 1998
LocationSan Carlos, California
TypeAerospace museum
Collection size50+ aircraft
FounderStanley Hiller Jr.
PresidentJeffery Bass

The Hiller Aviation Museum is an aircraft history museum located at the San Carlos Airport in San Carlos, California. The museum was founded by Stanley Hiller in June 1998.[1] and is endowed by members of the Hiller family. It specializes in Northern California aircraft history and helicopter history. The museum is also an affiliate within the Smithsonian Affiliations program.[2]

Permanent exhibits[edit]

This museum has more than 50 aerospace vehicles along with companion descriptive displays concerning the history of flight. Some of the exhibits include:

Annual airshow[edit]

This museum sponsored Vertical Challenge, an annual all-helicopter airshow from 2000-2010, and a final one in 2012. In 2011 and 2016 an aviation festival event called Heli-Fest was held instead.

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