Hillhead High School

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Hillhead High School
Hillhead High School.JPG
The main building of Hillhead High School
Oakfield Avenue

G12 8LJ

Coordinates55°52′28″N 4°17′07″W / 55.87455°N 4.28538°W / 55.87455; -4.28538Coordinates: 55°52′28″N 4°17′07″W / 55.87455°N 4.28538°W / 55.87455; -4.28538
MottoNous maintiendrons (French for "We shall maintain")
Established1885 (as Hillhead Primary School)[1]
HeadteacherCraig Stewart
Staffabout 90
Age12 to 18
Enrolmentabout 1000
Colour(s)Navy, black, white, pink, red and gold
  • Hillhead Badminton Club
  • Hillhead Football Club
  • Hillhead Hockey Club
  • Hillhead Basketball Club
  • Hillhead Cricket Club
  • School YearsS1-S6

    Hillhead High School is a day school in Glasgow, Scotland, on Oakfield Avenue, neighbouring the University of Glasgow.


    It is one of the largest schools in Glasgow.


    Grammar school[edit]

    Until 1972 it was a co-educational selective school. It then became a comprehensive school.


    In 1972 the local authority in Glasgow abolished the selectivity process and the school gradually became a comprehensive school serving its geographical catchment area of Glasgow's West End, and serving many pupils from wider afield who had attended the primary school.

    Former teachers[edit]

    School facilities[edit]

    The school has two buildings, the Main Building and the Terrace Building. It also uses the nearby Wellington Church for mass assemblies at October, Christmas, Easter and Summer.

    The X-shaped listed Main Building, acquired in the 1930s, is the larger of the two buildings, and is where most pupils begin their studies. Most of the school's classrooms and offices are situated on its four floors. Also in the Main Building is the library, where a career and exam advisor makes biweekly appearances. The main building was designed by E G Wylie in 1921, and construction finished in 1929. It is now protected as a category B listed building.[2]

    Originally owned by the University of Glasgow, the Terrace Building was acquired by Hillhead in c.2001. This building is used primarily for applied studies.

    Minority Time Activity[edit]

    Hillhead High School is the only school in Glasgow which has implemented Minority Time Activity (MTA). On Friday afternoons, teachers host activities ranging from football to ten pin bowling. Students who take part in extracurricular activities can alternatively use this time for additional practice.

    Notable former pupils[edit]


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