Hillsdale Lake

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Hillsdale Lake
Hillsdale Lake Marina.jpg
Hillsdale Lake Marina
Map of Miami Co, Ks, USA.png
Location Miami County, Kansas
Coordinates 38°39′24″N 94°54′34″W / 38.65667°N 94.90944°W / 38.65667; -94.90944Coordinates: 38°39′24″N 94°54′34″W / 38.65667°N 94.90944°W / 38.65667; -94.90944
Type Reservoir
Primary inflows Big Bull Creek
Primary outflows Big Bull Creek → Marais des Cygnes RiverOsage River
Basin countries United States
Managing agency U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Surface area 4,580 acres (1,850 ha)
Max. depth 57 ft (17 m)
Surface elevation 917 ft (280 m)
Settlements Hillsdale, Paola, Spring Hill, Edgerton
References [1]

Hillsdale Lake is a reservoir located in the northwestern part of Miami County, in northeast Kansas and the central United States; it is approximately 30 mi (48 km) from Kansas City. The surface area of the lake is approximately 4,580 acres (18.5 km2), and the lake has a maximum depth of approximately 57 ft (17 m).

Hillsdale Dam, impounding the Big Bull Creek to create the V-shaped reservoir, was completed in 1982 as a flood control project of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.[2] The reservoir has a normal storage capacity of 76,000 acre-feet.[3] No hydroelectric power is generated by the earthen dam. Recreational facilities include Hillsdale State Park, opened in 1994.[4]

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