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Hillside Facility
LIRR Hillside Maintenance Complex in Queens.jpg
Aerial view of maintenance facility and adjacent Holban Yard.
Location Hollis, Queens
Coordinates 40°42′23″N 73°46′40″W / 40.70639°N 73.77778°W / 40.70639; -73.77778Coordinates: 40°42′23″N 73°46′40″W / 40.70639°N 73.77778°W / 40.70639; -73.77778
Line(s) Main Line:
Platforms 2 side platforms (open to LIRR employees only)
Tracks 32
Other information
Fare zone No Fare
Opened 1991
Electrified 750 V (DC) third rail
Preceding station   MTA NYC logo.svg LIRR   Following station
Main Line
(Hempstead Branch)
(also Oyster Bay Branch,
Port Jefferson Branch,
and Ronkonkoma Branch)
Current and former locations
Woodhull Park station Main Line Willow Tree station
Current and former locations
Woodhull Park station Montauk Branch Saint Albans station

The Hillside Facility, also called the Hillside Support Facility or the Hillside Maintenance Complex, is a maintenance facility of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) in Hollis, Queens in New York City. The Hillside facility was built between 1984 and 1991[1] on the grounds of a section of Holban Yard (see below). The facility covers 30 acres (120,000 m2) east of the former Hillside station and can maintain 60 cars at a time.[1]

The facility includes a station which is the first stop along the Main Line of the LIRR east of Jamaica station. Like the Morris Park Facility west of Jamaica station, the Hillside Facility station is for LIRR employees only.

Holban Yard[edit]

Holban Yard is a railroad freight yard for the Long Island Rail Road at Rockaway Junction in Hollis, Queens, New York City. It was built in 1906 and was named for the two communities of Hollis and St. Albans which bordered the yard along the Cedarhurst Cut-Off at the time of construction.[2] The northernmost segment of the yard extends from the sites of the former Rockaway Junction Station through the grounds of the former Willow Tree Station, which is the present site of the platforms for the Hillside Facility over the 183rd Street bridge,[3] with tracks extending east of the still operating Hollis Station. It continues to be used today to hold work cars, and for work on various other MOW equipment. Notably, it also holds a trio of 1950s vintage Osgood Bradley passenger cars.


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The Hillside Facility as seen from an Atlantic Terminal-bound train.
View east from station overpass over yard tracks. Platforms far left.