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For the parent company, see Hilton Worldwide.
Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC
Industry Hotels
Headquarters Orlando, Florida, USA
Products Timeshare
Parent Hilton Worldwide
Slogan This is the life
Website http://www.HiltonGrandVacations.com

Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC, a subsidiary of Hilton Worldwide, is based in Orlando, Florida. In addition, there are regional offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, Oahu, Hawaii, New York, New York, Marco Island, Florida and Sanibel Island, Florida. In February 2008, Mark Wang was named President of Hilton Grand Vacations.

Dealing in timeshares, Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC develops, manages, markets, and operates a system of brand-name vacation club ownership (timeshares) resorts. Resort villas are jointly-owned by members who have exclusive use of the properties for limited periods of time aka timeshares. Club members can also exchange their intervals for vacations at affiliated resorts worldwide. Various timeshare websites report timeshare owner critiques of the HGVC property experience. Any perspecive buyer should conduct due diligence before committing to any timeshare scheme. HGVC uses telemarketing telephone calls in an attempt to sell timeshares.

Hilton Grand Vacation Club[edit]

The Hilton Grand Vacation Club (HGVC) is a timeshare-point-based reservations and exchange system allowing HGVC Members leisure-travel opportunities. There are approximately 212,000 HGVC members worldwide. Club membership provides exclusive exchange, leisure-travel, and reservation services.

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Right of First Refusal[edit]

When selling an HGVC account, each owner will be required to submit their purchase agreement contract to Hilton. Hilton reserves the right to purchase the ownership directly from the existing owner, thus refusing the sale to the buyer. Hilton must pay at least the amount the seller was originally contracted for. This program helps maintain long-term resale value for HGVC ownerships.


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