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This article is about the 1974 pornographic film. For the Luis Buñuel film, see Él (film).
Him Advertisement.png
Directed by Ed D. Louie
Starring Gustav Von Will
Release date
27 March 1974
Country USA
Language English

Him (1974) was a pornographic feature film produced for gay audiences. The film was directed by Ed D. Louie and featured homosexual mural artist Gustav Von Will (also known as “Tava”) in the role of Jesus.


The film focused on a young gay man who developed an erotic fixation with the life of Jesus Christ. The film initially premiered on March 27, 1974 at the 55th Street Playhouse in New York.[1] This run lasted until May 23. It returned to the Playhouse on December 6, 1974,[2] and January 1976.[3] The film also played at the Bijou Theatre in Chicago,[4] David Theatre in New York,[5] and the Penthouse II Theatre in Pittsburgh.[6]

The film was virtually unknown until 1979, when it was cited in the book The Golden Turkey Awards, where it was listed as the "Most Unerotic Concept in Pornography."[7]

Lost Film[edit]

As of 2017, no copy of Him has been located. It was cited among the most sought-after lost films by the online magazine Film Threat.[8]

Several Internet sites have attempted to debunk Him as a hoax, owing to authors Harry and Michael Medveds' admission (within the book) that one of the films referenced in the pages of The Golden Turkey Awards was fabricated.[9] However, the real hoax was Dog of Norway, a fictitious movie illustrated with a photograph of the Medveds' pet dog.[10] Reviews of Him from Screw magazine, Variety and The Village Voice have also been uncovered,[10][11] along with several newspaper advertisements for its New York theatrical run.[10][12]

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