Him Shanshar military installation

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Coordinates: 34°41′N 36°29′E / 34.683°N 36.483°E / 34.683; 36.483

Storage facility

The Him Shinshar military installation was a Syrian government military site located west of Homs, Syria. During the 2018 missile strikes against Syria during the Syrian Civil War, two sites were targeted in this vicinity at 34°40′53″N 36°27′58″E / 34.68139°N 36.46611°E / 34.68139; 36.46611 and 34°41′42″N 36°32′13″E / 34.69500°N 36.53694°E / 34.69500; 36.53694.[citation needed] According to the United States military, these sites were a "chemical weapons storage facility" and "chemical weapons bunker facility", respectively.[1]

Both sites were destroyed during the April 2018 strike, which was led by the United States with British and French participation.[2][3] The U.S. military said following the airstrikes that the Him Shinshar complex was "completely destroyed" in the airstrikes.[3]

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