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Himalaya kingdom was a mountainous country in Himalayas mentioned in the Puranas. Himavat was its ruler. His daughter Parvati, who became a wife of Lord Siva, was a princess from this kingdom. The Indian epic Mahabharata doesn't mention a kingdom named Himalaya, but mentions many kingdoms in the Himalaya mountains like the Kuninda Kingdom, Parvata Kingdom, Nepa Kingdom, Kirata Kingdom, Kimpurusha Kingdom, Kinnara Kingdom etc.

References in Mahabharata[edit]

Arjuna was mentioned to have made an expedition to the kingdoms in the mountainous Himalayan regions (2:27). Having conquered all the Himalayas and the Nishkuta mountains and arriving at the White mountains, he encamped on its breast (2:26). Pandavas saw with delight the extensive domains of Suvahu, situated on the Himalayas, abounding in horses and elephants, densely inhabited by the Kiratas and the Tanganas, and crowded by hundreds of Pulindas (3:140). Pandavas were mentioned as mining gold from the gold mines of Himalayas at (14:63,64).

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