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Himalaya Secondary School is a secondary school is located in Khandbari, the headquarters of SankhuwaSabha district in Nepal.It was established in 2006 B.s. This is a public school which offers classes from grade 1 to 10; it has recently started offering Business, Liberal Arts and Sciences classes for +2 higher education.The fund for conducting the +2 classes was collected through a srimad vagwat puran.Mr kiran shakya's family donated rs.11 lakhs for it and as per the code of conduct the school was renamed as himalaya kiran higher secondary school. It has more than 1500 students. The school also offers inter-school sports and extracurricular-activities competitions. The principal is Mr. Bishwa Bajracharya and the vice principal is Mr. Bir Bahadur Rai. It has got the second highest pass rate among public schools in entire SankhuwaSabha district.It is considered as one of the most prestigious public schools in the entire sankhuwasabha district.

The school was run very good by the former principal Janga Bahadur Prasad Thakur, an Indian origin, who worked more than three decades for the welfare of the school. After his departure from the school, the so-called school is facing tough time maintaining its fame. . Surya boarding school is the most prestigious school in whole district or town.Rejina Shakya,Sachin Rai,Kshitiz Shrestha etc. are some of the district toppers from surya boarding school in slc examination.Aman Shrestha,Sushil Chandra Lamsal,Kija Lhomi etc. are the bright figures of surya boarding school and Khandbari.Sujan ghale is the most famous Table Tennis player in entire Khandbari whereas in Badminton Anish Shrestha has claimed U-17 Nepal Badminton Championship.Sunil Lamsal and bipin budhathoki are very talent students of Himalaya secondary school at the present time.