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Country of originNorway
No. of seasons3 (season 1: 2008, season 2: 2009, season 3: 2010)
No. of episodes24
Running time45 min
Original networkNRK1
Original release7 September 2008 –
25 April 2010

Himmelblå (in English: Skyblue) is a Norwegian drama series which aired on NRK1 in Norway, on SVT in Sweden and on RÚV in Iceland. It is based on the British TV drama Two Thousand Acres of Sky written by Timothy Prager and produced by Adrian Bate.


The drama is about a small community on an island, Ylvingen, in the northern parts of Norway. The school on the island has very few pupils and is about to be closed down unless they can find two more pupils. The future of the island is uncertain. The people who live on the island issues an ad in a national newspaper: they seek a family with two children old enough to join the school, and promise a job in the tourism-industry if the family chose to live there.
In Oslo, single mother Marit (Line Verndal) is working late nights as a chef and feels that she doesn't see her children. Her best friend Kim (Edward Schultheiss) helps her out looking after her children, Robin and Iris, while she's at work. Kim shows Marit the ad, and she sees an opportunity to start fresh and run her own bed-and-breakfast facility on the island. Because they were seeking a family to the island, Kim poses as Marit's 'husband' and after an interview they are offered to stay on the island. The transition from an urban life to a life on an island far away from everything else is challenging for the family. But it's also a big change for the islanders.


The first two seasons were filmed back-to-back in 168 days in 2007-08, and premiered on 7 September 2008. The drama became an instant hit and has averaged more than 1 million viewers, which amounts to a quarter of Norway's total population. A few months later it returned for a second season, of which the finale was viewed by 1 309 000 viewers, making it the most seen drama series in Norwegian television history. The third and final season finished filming in September 2009, and began airing on 7 March 2010. The last episode aired on 25 April 2010.


The first season was released on DVD shortly after airing. After the second series had finished, a second season set was released along with a box set with both seasons. In addition to the DVD releases, the episodes can be viewed free of charge on the channels web site.


Actors Roles Season
Line Verndal Marit Single mum, runs a bed-and-breakfast 1-2-3
Edward Schultheiss Kim Marit's best friend and "husband" 1-2-3
Elvira Haaland Iris Marit's daughter 1-2-3
Sebastian Warholm Robin Marit's son 1-2-3
Ketil Høegh Brynjar Shopowner 1-2-3
Guri Johnson Liv Brynjar's ex-wife 1
Ingrid Vollan Britt Brynjar's wife 1-2-3
Lena Kristin Ellingsen Karoline Liv and Brynjar's daughter 1-2-3
Hallvard Holmen Roy Harry Hansen Boatowner 1-2-3
Terje Skonseng Naudeer Roland Vivian's brother 1-2-3
Nina Bendiksen Vivian Roland's sister and priest 1-2-3
Mathias Calmeyer Jens Vivian's husband 1
Uncredited Lille-Jens Vivian and Jens' son 1-2-3
Gunnar Søla Amund Vivian and Roland's father 1
Sigmund Sæverud Johan Ingeborg's husband 1-2-3
Julie Øksnes Ingeborg Johan's wife 1-2
John Sigurd Kristensen Halle Johan and Ingeborg's son 1-2-3
Zita Djenes Klara Halle's housekeeper from Romania 1-2-3
Eirik Evjen Kristoffer Schoolphotographer 1-3
Iren Reppen Monica Roy's date 1-2
Marika Enstad Rakel Moves back to the island 2-3



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