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Himmelstalundshallen i Norrköping, den 24 april 2007.JPG
Location Norrköping, Sweden
Capacity Hockey: 4,280
Opened 1977
HC Vita Hästen (Division 1 Sweden) (1977–present)
Norrköpings Damishockeyförening (Division 2 Sweden) (2002–present)

Himmelstalundshallen is an indoor arena in Norrköping, Sweden. It is home arena for the ice hockey team HC Vita Hästen. It opened in 1977 and holds 4,280 people.

The arena hosted the preliminary games of group B at the 2003 EuroBasket.[1]


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Coordinates: 58°35′16″N 16°8′25″E / 58.58778°N 16.14028°E / 58.58778; 16.14028