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Mangifera 'Himsagar'
Mango Himsagar Asit ftg.jpg
'Himsagar' mangoes on display at the 15th Annual International Mango Festival in Florida, United States in 2007
OriginMaldah, Murshidabad, India
A 'Himsagar' mango
'Himsagar' mango stone (seed)
'Himsagar' mango (sliced)

The Himsagar Mango is a popular[1][2] mango cultivar, originating in the modern-day Bangladesh[3] and state of West Bengal in India.[4][5] Widely considered as the best mango, the inside of Himsagar is yellow to orange in colour and does not have any fibre.[6] The fruit is medium-sized and weighs between 250 and 350 grams, out of which the pulp content is around 77%. It has a good keeping quality.[7] It is also known as Khirsapati.[4]

Himsagar ripens in May and it is available in the market from the second week of May to the end of June.[1] It is mainly grown in the Chapai Nawabganj district of Bangladesh[3] and the Malda, Murshidabad, Nadia, Hooghly districts of West Bengal, India. This cultivar is registered under the protected Geographical Indication index[6] with G.I. Registration No. 112.[8]


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