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Birth name Suhair
Born (1979-05-05) May 5, 1979 (age 38)
Kingdom of Bahrain
Origin Bahrain
Genres Khaliji Music
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter
Years active 2000–present
Labels Rotana
Website Hind World

Hind (Arabic language:هند‎), also spelled Hend, is a female singer from Bahrain. Her work includes popular Arabic music as well as traditional Khaliji music. She was discovered by the musician Anwar Abdullah, and gave her the nickname "Hind", but her real name is Suhair. Hind's debut album Rabeie El Galb was released in 2000, off the album she became well recognized in Bahrain and the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. It was only after she signed her latest album Al Ghroob with Rotana, that's when she became recognized and famous around the Persian Gulf region.


Hind was born in the Kingdom of Bahrain (5/5/1979) she grew up with her parents and five siblings (three sisters, and two brothers). Her father worked in the ministry of Social Security, and her mother was a full devoted housewife. She graduated from high school in 1997 (the same year she joined in creating as a co-finder of the Bahraini Traditional music group). She enrolled into Bahrain University majoring in Business Management. In the year of 1999, Hind left the university to pursue a music career after she was recognized by the well known musician Anwar Abdullah. She was signed to the company "Fanoon El Emarat" which produced her first album Rabeie El Galb also known as Hind 2000.

In 2002, she got married. Ten months later on, she gave birth to her first child "Abdullah". In 2003, she released her second album Hind 2003 also known as Sodfa, which did not leave a big remark in the music business as the first one did. Also in the same year, her fan website was launched and she was given the nickname "Farashat Al-Khalij (the gulfs butterfly)". Sadly, her marriage did not last long where it ended in 2004.

2005 was the turn point in Hind's life, where she signed with the well known music company Rotana her third album titled Hind 2005 also known as Al Ghroob. Off that album Hind have made a tremendous entry in the music industry where that was her key to success throughout 2005 to 2007.

Hind released an album in 2008. The album included twelve songs which were sung in different dialects such as Khaleeji, Lebanese and finally Egyptian. She released her latest album titled Hind 2012 in 2012.

Her official site is www.hindworld.com


  • Rabeie El Galb (2000)
  • Hind 2003 (2003)
  • Al Ghroob (2005)
  • Hind 2008 (2008)
  • Hind 2012 (2012)

Rabeie El Galb[edit]

  1. Rabeie El Galb
  2. Mani Ala Keefak
  3. Bil Tahdeed
  4. Melh El Haya
  5. Ela Ana
  6. Eshaq We Hib
  7. Itha El Gheera

Hind 2003[edit]

  1. Sodfa (Lyrics: Abdullah Al-Hashmi, Music: Khalid Nasser)
  2. Minak Aza'al (Lyrics Ahmed Al-Sharqawi:, Music: Bader Khalifa)
  3. Gassi (Lyrics Mohammed Al-Marzoqi:, Music: Tariq Al-Muqbil)
  4. Abashrik (Lyrics: Saad Al-Khuraji, Music: Anwar Abdullah)
  5. Meta Ya Galbi (Lyrics: Sami Al-Jama'an, Music: Ahmed Al-Harami)
  6. Hala Bi Noor El Fajir (Lyrics: Al-Shaikh Zaid, Music: Khalid Nasser)
  7. Ma Abi Akthar (Lyrics: Farouq Abdullah, Music: Ahmed Al-Harami)
  8. Khayabt Thani (Lyrics: Younes Abdullah, Music: Mohammed Al-Araifi)

Al Ghroob[edit]

  1. Ana We Inta We AlShooq (Lyrics: Al-Thari, Music: Abdullah Al-Jasim)
  2. Khalas (Lyrics: Ahmed Al-Sanie, Music: Faisal Al-Rashid)
  3. Ya Hasafa (Lyrics: Seba, Music: Ahmed Al-Harmi)
  4. Tajrubah Murra (Lyrics: Ibrahim Bin Swad, Music: Ahmed Al-Harmi)
  5. Jarooh Dafeena (Lyrics: Hattan, Music: Khalid Shaikh)
  6. Sahi Wala Hee (Lyrics: Araf Al-Hashil, Music: Serouz)
  7. Majnoon (Lyrics: Loaye Al-Bigali, Music: Bader Al-Thwai)
  8. Tejahalni (Lyrics: Faisal Al-Yami, Music: Jasim Abdullah)
  9. Taal (Lyrics: Naifa Al-Bahrainia, Music: Ahmed Al-Harmi )
  10. Magedart Asber (Lyrics: Sager Al-Khaibi, Music: Tariq Al-Muqbil)
  11. Al Ghroob (Lyrics: Geyouth, Music: Suliaman Al-Mulla)

Hind 2008[edit]

  1. Marid Al Mahaba
  2. Yiji Minak
  3. Zabahani Al Chawk
  4. Bikol Basata
  5. Abeh Yshouf
  6. Afa Farah
  7. Hamati
  8. Touk Ala Bali
  9. Jitak
  10. Tashtaki
  11. Man Ant
  12. Mawed Omr

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