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The Hind Rattan (Hindi phrase translated to English as "Jewel of India") is one of the highest Indian diasporic awards granted annually to non-resident persons of Indian origin (NRIs) by the NRI Welfare Society of India. The award is granted at the Society's annual congress on the eve of India's Republic Day,[1][2] in conjunction with national Pravasi Bharatiya Divas celebrations. The award ceremony is attended by senior members of the Government of India and of the Supreme Court of India. The number of awardees varies each year, but is generally about 25 to 30. Criteria for award selection are not published by the Society; award selections are made among the Society leadership and awardees are invited to attend the conference in New Delhi to accept their awards. The award carries no benefit other than its own honour; no cash or other benefit accrues to the awardee.

At the same annual congress, the NRI Welfare Society also selects nine honorees (generally from among previous Hind Rattan honorees) for their Nav Rattan ("Nine Jewels") award, and on occasion, a single Sword of Honour awardee.

NRI Welfare Society of India[edit]

The NRI Welfare Society of India, with chapters in various countries, was founded in 1981 by Harbhajan Singh (died 2006), member of the Press Council of India (1982-1988), editor of the English fortnightly The Indian Observer, president of the All India Small & Medium Newspapers Federation, and recipient of the 2000 UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Gold Medal.[3] The NRI Welfare Society of India serves to link members of the Indian diaspora with the Government of India.[4]


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