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Hinda Hicks
Origin Tunisia
Genres Pop, R&B
Years active 1997–present
Labels Island Records

Hinda Hicks is a Tunisian-born singer, with British nationality having moved to West Sussex as a child.


Hicks originally sang with an R&B band called the Fabulous Fug Band and at one time sent a demo of her vocals alongside Aretha Franklin's "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" to Phil Collins. However she continued to remain unsigned and moved to London working as a secretary and singing with a band called Mixed Fruits.

She signed to Island Records and her first single, "I Wanna Be Your Lady" was released in late 1997, followed by her first album, eponymously titled Hinda in 1998. Hicks co-wrote the songs on Hinda.

Early success[edit]

Hick's first released single failed to make the UK Singles Chart, although a more concerted promotional campaign saw "If You Want Me" chart at number 25 in February 1998.[1] She followed this up with the release of "You Think You Own Me" in May of the same year, which reached number 19.[1] Her fourth single, a re-release of "I Wanna Be Your Lady" achieved her highest chart position to date, at number 14 in August 1998.[1]

During the summer of 1998 Hicks promoted both her single and album on mainstream television and radio shows in the UK and she took supporting roles on tours with Boyzone amongst others. By the end of that year "Truly" had charted at number 31.[1]

Second album[edit]

Having begun work on her second album Hicks released "My Remedy", in 2000 but Island Records' merger with Universal Records and an apparent lack of promotion saw it falter at number 61 in the UK chart.[1] Originally the second album was due for a late 2000 release. A handful of promotional copies and limited releases were made available, but commercially the launch was aborted and Hicks and her record company parted ways.

In between record companies and albums, Hicks found time to record vocals on other artists' tracks. This included "Let's Do It Again" with the late Lynden David Hall, which featured on his album, The Other Side and a compilation album (Pure R&B Volume 2)[2] together with Brand New Day with Terri Walker, appearing on Walker's Untitled album, released 3 March 2003 on the Mercury Records label.

A new album was finally released in July 2004, now titled Still Doin' My Thing on a small R&B label, Shout Out Records, and containing a different track listing to Everything to Me.

The single "Up Up" from Still Doin' My Thing was released in the summer of 2004 and once again with Hicks failing to repeat her successes of six years previously the single did not make the Top 40.

Third album and the future[edit]

In February 2007 Hicks' MySpace page announced that a third album (then untitled) would be released in 2010, however after two years later the album has now been shelved as Hinda has given up on music to focus on other roles.[needs update][3] As of November 2008, Hicks was listed as part of a London-based artistic and music collective created by the DJ and producer Yvan Healer Selecta and called Raison d'Etre [sic].

Crticial acclaim[edit]

In October 1998 Hicks was nominated for three MOBO awards, Best R'n'B Act, Best Newcomer and Best Album and appeared on a MOBO Allstars charity single called "Aint No Stopping Us Now". In early 1999 Hicks was nominated at the BRIT Awards in the categories of 'best newcomer' and 'best British female artist'

Other interests[edit]


  • According to various fan sites and her official website Hicks was once offered a basketball scholarship in the US and is a qualified coach.


  • Hicks has also appeared in two British film productions: G:MT - Greenwich Mean Time in 1999 (for which she performed several of the songs on the official soundtrack[4]) and Circus in 2000.
  • She also took an uncredited role in a well-received US film Love & Basketball in 2000 and wrote the song "Our Destiny" that appeared in the movie but was not featured on the soundtrack. The track did however feature on the Everything to Me album, which was not released in the UK.



  • "I Wanna Be Your Lady" / My Eyes (Island Records) (13 December 1997)
  • "If You Want Me" / "When You Touch Me There" (Island Records) (7 March 1998) – UK No. 25
  • "You Think You Own Me" (Island Records) (16 May 1998) – UK No. 19
  • "I Wanna Be Your Lady" (re-release) (Island Records) (15 August 1998) – UK No. 14
  • "Truly" (Island Records) (24 October 1998) – UK No. 31
  • "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" single with the MOBO Allstars (Polygram) (11 December 1998) – UK No. 47
  • "Let's Do It Again" single with Lynden David Hall, (11 September 2000) – UK No. 69
  • "My Remedy" (Universal/Island Records) (14 October 2000) – UK No. 61
  • "Up Up" (Shout Out Records) (17 July 2004) – UK No. 99
  • "Love It* (2010) (Unreleased)


  • Our Destiny" (Love & Basketball Soundtrack)


  • Hinda (Island Records) (29 August 1998) – UK No. 20
  • Everything to Me (Island/Universal Records) (10 October 2000) – Limited release
  • Still Doin' My Thing (Shout Out Records) (19 July 2004)
  • Journey's (2010/2011) (Unreleased)


Music videos[edit]

  • "If You Want Me" Directed by Dani Jacobs
  • "You Think You Own Me" Directed by Dani Jacobs
  • "I Wanna Be Your Lady"
  • "Truly"
  • "My Remedy"
  • "Up Up"
  • "Love It"

Other appearances[edit]

  • "If You Want Me" on the album, Street Jams 1998, by various artists (Telstar) (11 May 1998)
  • "If You Want Me" on the album, Music in Motion II, by various artists (Stichting CPG (Netherlands)) (1998)
  • "Tears Are Waiting", "Where is the Love?", "Please Can I Go Now?", "Who Would You Have Me Love?" and "Succumb To You", all on the album G:MT: The Soundtrack, (Island Records) (27 September 1999)
  • "Burn the Floor" on the album, Burn the Floor: Soundtrack, by various artists (MCA/Universal) (18 October 1999)
  • "My Remedy" on the album, MOBO 2000, by various artists (Universal) (2 October 2000)
  • "Let's Do It Again" on the album, Pure R&B Volume 2, by various artists (Telstar) (13 November 2001)
  • "Let's Do It Again" on the album, Other Side, by Lynden David Hall (BMG International) (12 June 2001)
  • "If You Want Me" on the album, Girls, by various artists (Spectrum Music) (2 September 2002)
  • "I Just Wanna Dance", vocals on the 12" white label version by Global Rhythm (Solo Recordings) (2002)
  • "Brand New Day" on the album, Untitled', by Terri Walker (Mercury Records) (3 March 2003)
  • "Dreamin'" on the album, Dance and Urban, by various artists (HMV) (2004)
  • "Family Affair" on the album, Revival, by Nate James (MoreThan4) (30 March 2009)


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