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Hindawi Programming System (hereafter referred to as HPS) is a suite of open source programming languages. It allows non-English medium literates to learn and write computer programs. It is a scalable system which supports many programming paradigms.[1]

Shaili Prathmik or Indic BASIC and Indic LOGO are for beginners who want to start with computer programming.

produce machine code.


  • The original contributors to HPS were Abhishek Choudhary and Sweta Karwa, who also developed APCISR and Romenagri
  • Initial public release - 15 August 2004
  • Release of version 2 by the ex-education minister of Bihar, Dr. Ram Prakash Mahto - 15 August 2005
  • Release of Linux port under Sarai fellowship - 16 August 2006

Awards and recognition[edit]

Computer Society of India's National Young IT Professional Award 2005 Sarai / CSDS FLOSS fellowship [1] Hindawi is recognised by TDIL, Government of India. Hindawi was shortlisted for Manthan Award 2007


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