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Hindenburg is a German name, used for people and places.

The word may also refer to:



  • Hindenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
  • The Hindenburg Line, a German defensive line on the Western front during the First World War
  • Hindenburg Range, mountain range in Papua New Guinea
  • Hindenburgdamm, a rail causeway linking the island of Sylt to northern Germany
  • Hindenburg in East Prussia, formerly Gross Friedrichsgraben, in the Landkreis of Labiau near Königsberg
  • Hindenburg, Upper Silesia, from 1915 to 1945 the name of the city now called Zabrze

Media and entertainment[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Hindenburg Omen, a signal indicating a possible stock market crash, named after the Hindenburg disaster
  • The Hindenburg Programme, a German armament program during World War I