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  • In a slightly broader sense, Hindi is spoken Hindustani, as used for example in Hindi Cinema (Bollywood). In this sense Hindi is essentially the same as Urdu.
Hindustani proper (red), including Khari Boli and Kauravi. Dark grey are the other Indo-Aryan languages.
An intermediate scope: Hindi languages (Indic Central Zone)
Western Hindi, including Braj Bhasha, Haryanvi, Bundeli, Bagheli, Awadhi and Kannauji
The broadest scope: the Hindi belt

Historical usage[edit]

Other usages[edit]

The term Hindi may also refer to:

The word Hindi is cognate with Hind, Hindu, Indus, India, Indian, Sindhi, Sindh and Sindhu.

In Persian, Urdu and Arabic, the word Hindi means Indian.

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