Hindoostanee Coffee House

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Hindoostane Coffee House
Plaque reads: Site of Hindoostane Coffee House - 1810 - London's first Indian restaurant - Owned by Sake Dean Mahomed 1759-1851
Plaque commemorating the coffee house
Restaurant information
Established 1810 (1810)
Closed 1811 (1811)
Food type Indian curry house
Street address George Street
City London
Country England
Coordinates 51°31′02″N 0°09′23″W / 51.5173°N 0.15649°W / 51.5173; -0.15649Coordinates: 51°31′02″N 0°09′23″W / 51.5173°N 0.15649°W / 51.5173; -0.15649

The Hindoostane Coffee House was the first Indian restaurant in the United Kingdom. It was opened by Sake Dean Mahomed, a captain in the British East India Company, in George Street, London in 1810. It closed a year later for lack of business.[1][2] (By way of contrast, the first recorded combined fish-and-chip shop opened in London in 1860 or in 1865, while a Mr Lees pioneered the concept in the North of England, in Mossley, in 1863).[3]

Its location is marked by a City of Westminster plaque, erected in September 2005.[1]


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