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People belonging to Hindu Lingayat Burud Caste are mostly native of Maharashtra (India). Burud is derived from a Sanskrit word "Buruda". Buruda in Sanskrit means "a basket-maker, mat-maker". People of this caste are recognized by their traditional occupation of bamboo craft. In the old days, Buruds (people belonging to the Burud Caste) were dependent on bamboo craft for their livelihood. They use bamboo to prepare different articles like mats, ladders, baskets. With increase in population and growing popularity of plastic/metallic articles, bamboo-based livelihood is no more viable. This has in turn led to the younger generation taking up other occupations for livelihood. This has not only increased literacy percentage, but also increased percentage of highly educated Buruds. Now Buruds are found serving government organizations and private companies based on their educational qualifications. They are the very s


Bamboo articles[edit]



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