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Hinduism in Armenia remains a minor feature in Armenian religious life, generally represented through The International Society for Krishna Consciousness and a minority of Indian students, with backgrounds in Hinduism.


According to Zenob Glak, one of the first disciples of Gregory the Illuminator, the patron saint of Armenia, a Hindu colony was established in Armenia sometime around 149 B.C. Zenob wrote that the colony was established by two Indian princes who had taken refuge in Armenia.[1] They worshipped images of brass, twelve cubits high. Under the pagan rulers, the Hindu colony flourished until the dawn of Christianity in Armenia in 301 A.D.[2]

The ruins of the Saint Karapet Monastery, now in Turkey, stands at the site of the Hindu temples.[3][4]

Religious organisations[edit]

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and Transcendental Meditation organisations are both active in Armenia.[5] In 1990 ISKCON was, for the first time, officially registered as a religion in Armenia. There are now about 250 ISKCON members resident in Armenia and ISKCON maintains congregations in the towns of Gyumri, Kirovakan, Yeghegnadzor, Kapan and Ashtarak.

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