Hinduism in Belize

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Hinduism is a minority faith in Belize. According to 2010 census, 0.2% of Belize population is Hindu.[1]


Hinduism in Belize
2000 2010
Number % Number %
Total Population 232,111 304,106
- Hindu Population 367 0.2 612 0.2

However, the Association of Religion Data Archives states that as of 2005, 2.0% identify as Hindu.[2].According to other sources it is 2.3%.[3]


The Hindu community in Belize today consists mostly of families who arrived in the 1950s, when Belize was still a British colony. The community is composed almost entirely of Sindhis and so there are few cultural differences within it.


Though 3.9% of the population of Belize are East Indians, most of them are Christians. Only a few 40% are still Hindus. [4].

There is a hindu temple in Albert Street,Belize city.Festivals like Diwali[5], Janmashtmi[6] are celebrated by Hindus in this temple.


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