Hinduism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Hinduism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is represented by various groups and centers such as Yoga in Daily Life and Sathya Sai Center Sarajevo.

ISKCON in Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

ISKCON has a growing presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is estimated to be around 300 devotees from all age groups.

ISKCON has been registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a religious community.

ISKCON's Food for life was famous in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During war period in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ISKCON devotees in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina visited orphanages, homes for the elderly, hospitals, institutes for handicapped children, and basement shelters daily, throughout the three year conflict. An estimated 20 tons of food has been distributed in Sarajevo since 1992.

ISKCON Centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

ISKCON Sarajevo has a temple where ISKCON congregation in Sarajevo is holding traditional ISKCON weekly programs and festivals. The long-term goal of ISKCON Sarajevo congregation is to build the first Vedic temple in Bosnia and Herzegovina where the original Vedic/Hindu culture can be experienced first hand. For more details contact iskcon.sarajevo@gmail.com or visit www.iskconsarajevo.com

Yoga in Daily Life in Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

Yoga in Daily Life has a Centre in Sarajevo.

Address - Jadranko Pranjic, Patriotske lige 28, 71000 Sarajevo

Sathya Sai Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

Sathya Sai Organisation has a Center in Sarajevo Face to Face Interreligious Service

Azra Jahic, a teacher had the opportunity to teach Sathya Sai Human Values Programme in Čengić Villa Primary School in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The principal of the school was very supportive and gave her all the help and encouragement to conduct the programme.

In 2005 Azra Jacic commenced an Educare training programme for teachers in this school, which is an ongoing programme. With the help of Azra, She were also able to conduct weekly classes for young adults on values and self-development as taught by Baba, at the Technical School of Sarajevo. Later, along with the youth members of the Sai Centre She conducted human values classes to children in a suburb of Sarajevo, as part of a project conducted by a local NGO Sai World News