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In Denmark there are about 7,500-8,000 Hindus of Tamil Origin.

Hindu and Sikh Community in Denmark are Registered as reported in International Religious Freedom Report 2006, Denmark. Also reported is the Krishna devotees. However, since Krishna is part of Hinduism, it need not be mentioned separately.

Arrival of first Hindus of Sri Lankan Tamil origin[edit]

The first Hindus of Sri Lankan Tamil origin came in 1983 because of the escalating conflict in Sri Lanka. It was mostly men, and they were categorized as de facto refugees. Today they have married or have got the family, they had to leave to Denmark, and around half of the Tamils have been granted Danish citizenship.

Hindus of Sri Lankan Tamil origin have realized that there will not be any solution to the conflict in Sri Lanka in the near future, and they have begun to rebuild or reorganize some of their cultural and religious representations in Denmark, so they can cope with the requirements of the traditions and Danish society as well. For example, this creates an institutionalized Hinduism, where the temple has become the religious bearer per se (internal representation), and that the bharata-natyam that has its roots in the Ancient Tamil Nadu in Tanjore, has become very popular among all the Tamils (external representation), because it communicates very well with Danish society. Of course, whether Danes know what the term "bhakthi" means is altogether a different story.

In Denmark there are two consecrated Hindu temples: one dedicated to Vinayakar or the Ganesha and the other to the Goddess Abirami apart from the ISKCON temples.

Indians in Denmark[edit]

Out of a population of 5.3 million, the Indian community (PIOs and NRIs) is approximately 5,000. (This Percentage excludes Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus.) Indian Nationals in Denmark are mainly Computer Professionals, Doctors, Kiosk and restaurant owners and students.

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