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The Hindu community in France consists of some long-time residents and many recent immigrants. Although Hinduism does not constitute a large proportion of the population it appears to be growing rapidly; the current Hindu population of France is 121,312 or 0.2% of the nation's population, up from an estimated 50,000 in 1993.

It is the fourth largest in Europe, after those of the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Italy.[1]

Notable French Hindus[edit]

Celebrations of Ganesh by the Sri Lankan Tamil community in Paris, France
French Hindus
Total population
0.2% of the French Population
Regions with significant populations
English · French · Tamil · Indian Languages

Influence of Hinduism in France[edit]

French people who were Hindus or were influenced by Hinduism include Victor Cousin, Alexandra David-Néel, Paul Gauguin, René Guénon, Jules Michelet, Mirra Richard, Romain Rolland, Satprem, Paul Verlaine, François Gautier and Voltaire.

Hinduism in French overseas territories[edit]

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