Hinduism in Sierra Leone

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Hinduism in Sierra Leone is the religion of some South Asian expatriates.[1]

Hindus in Sierra Leone are mainly traders.[citation needed]

Freetown, the capital and principal city of Sierra Leone, has a large Hindu community, including a Hindu association and a priest.

Hindus are allowed cremation in Freetown.[2]

Following the exodus of expatriates in 1999 during the Sierra Leone civil war, the Indian community numbers dwindled to about 100, mostly businessmen of Sindhi origin.[citation needed]

There is a functioning Hindu temple in Freetown.[3]

Hinduism is not practice by sierraleonean.

Recently the temple at the kissy road cemetery has been put down due to health risk, as they burn their copeses. However since Sierra Leone is a country of religious tolerance the temple was related to Water Loo, the end Of Freetowna (capital city) of Sierra Leone.