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Hindustan Antibiotics Limited
Public (PSE)
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded 10 March 1954, Pimpri
Headquarters Pimpri, Maharashtra, India
Key people
Mrs.Neerja Saraf (Managing Director)
Products Antibiotics like Penicillin
Revenue USD 12 million (FY)
Number of employees
Website www.hindantibiotics.gov.in

Hindustan Antibiotics Limited (HAL), based in Pimpri, India, is the first public sector drug manufacturing companies set up by the Government of India. It was the first company in India to launch a recombinant DNA product, rHU-Erythropoietin (Hemax) in 1993. The company introduced new products like Halpen, Haltax, Hexpan in 2008. Sati-HIV drugs will be produced from September 2009.[1]


HAL was set up in cooperation with the WHO and UNICEF with the social objective of providing affordable drugs throughout India. It was inaugurated by India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on 10 March 1954. Production began in 1955. It was based on Mahatma Gandhi's vision that the poor in India should get medicines at affordable rates.

After reporting an operating loss in 1997 the company was reported to the Bureau of Industrial and Financial Restructuring (BIFR). On 17 January 2009 the company was taken off the books of the BIFR after reporting a record turnover of 120 crore (US$24 million).


Although the company's primary objective was to develop drugs for the health-care industry, the company has now diversified into the agricultural and veterinary areas as well. The manufacturing plant located in Pimpri has facilities to produce bulk drugs (capacity 60 MMU annually) as well as formulations in various dosage forms - injectables (132 million vials), capsules (250 million), tablets (120 million), large volume parentrals[clarification needed] (12 million bottles annually), liquid orals, etc.

In-house developed products[edit]

Health care[edit]

  • Hamycin (own research product)
  • Ampicillin Sodium
  • Benzyl Penicillin Potassium
  • Benzyl Penicillin Sodium
  • Benzathine Penicillin (Longacillin)
  • Cefuroxime Sodium
  • Amoxycillin Trihydrate (Delamin)
  • Cefotaxime Sodium (Haltax)
  • Ceftriaxone Sodium (Haxone)
  • Meropenem (Halpen)

Agricultural and veterinary[edit]

  • Aureofungin (anti-fungal used in preservation of the fruits and vegetables)
  • Humaur (bio-organic foliar spray)
  • Streptocycline (antibacterial for effective control of diseases in plants)
  • Azotomeal
  • Phosphomeal


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