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Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd.
Area served
South Asia
Productspencils, office products

Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian manufacturer of pencils, writing materials and other stationery items, established in 1958[1] in Bombay (present-day Mumbai). The company makes writing implements under the brands Nataraj and Apsara, and claims to be the largest pencil manufacturer in India.[2] The Nataraj 621 HB wood-cased pencil has a distinctive red-and-black stripe design.[3][better source needed]

Hindustan Pencils also produces a line of colored pencils under the Colorama brand. In 2013, a law student in Bangalore filed a consumer complaint against company over its colored pencils, claiming that the "skin" color was lighter than his own skin color, and that the company's preference for the lighter "skin" color promoted "racist ideas".[4] The "skin" colored pencil was also the subject of a campaign by anti-discrimination activist group Brown n' Proud.[5]


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