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"Hine E Hine" is a Māori lullaby written by Princess Te Rangi Pai (Fanny Rose Howie née Porter) (1868–1916) in 1907.[1]

An instrumental version of "Hine E Hine" was used from 1979 to 1994 as the New Zealand TV Channel 2's "closing-down song", which accompanied a cartoon featuring the Goodnight Kiwi.[1]

It was the opening song on Kiri Te Kanawa's 1999 album Maori Songs. Hayley Westenra sang the song on her 2003 album Pure. The song features on the José Carreras album The José Carreras Collection.[2] The Phoenix Foundation performed the song in the 2010 film Boy.


E tangi ana koe
Hine e hine
E ngenge ana koe
Hine e hine.

Kati tö pouri rä
Noho i te aroha
Te ngäkau o te Matua
Hine e hine.

You are weeping,
Little girl, darling girl,
you are weary,
Little girl, darling girl.

Be sad no longer,
There is love for you
in the heart of the Father,
Little girl, darling girl.[1]

Alternative words were supplied to Dorothy Buchanan when she was asked to arrange it in 1981. The Hutt Valley Singers choir's music is photocopied from the manuscript at around that date. The translation came from John Archer.

Takoto mai ra koe,
hine, e hine.
Moe iho i konei,
hine, e hine.

Maku ano koe,
e atawhai e koe.
No reira moe mai,
hine, e hine.

You lie there,
girl oh girl
Fall asleep now,
girl oh girl.

As for myself,
I'll care for you
Therefore enter dreamland,
girl oh girl.


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