Hingol Mud Volcanoes

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Tge Hingol Mud Volcanoes (Urdu: ہنگول‎) are located in Makran District, Balochistan, Pakistan. The mud volcanoes are located in Hingol National Park.

These are not located on the main road about a kilometer off the main Coastal Highway leading from Lasbela to Gwadar; the locals may provide guidance to the exact location. A landmark is a SSGC installation. The site is a complex of 3 major mud volcanoes and a number of smaller ones. The site is a sacred Hindu worship place called as 'Chandar Gup'.

The view of Chandragup I mud volcano.

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The picture is from Gwader but not in Hangol and this mud volcano is near Koh-e-Mehdi, which is shown in the picture