Hininden Gausu

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Hininden Gausu
Genre Hentai, historical fiction
Original video animation
Directed by Rin Shin
Studio Arms
Released 2005-12-22
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Hininden Gausu (緋忍伝-呀宇種ガウス) is a 2005 hentai anime OVA, animated by studio Arms and published by Pink Pineapple.

It is the first anime directed by designer Rin Shin, who has worked on this project for years, despite warnings that a historical drama in hentai would not work.[1] And effectively and in spite of high production values, the first episode sold poorly, putting Pink Pineapple in the red for several months after the release. Plans for future episodes were dropped, and studio Arms no longer works in the hentai field.


A young man is called back in time to the Japanese medieval era. Here, he will have to help a young princess and her two pretty ninja bodyguards escape from the castle of an evil tyrant.



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