Hino Liesse

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Hino Liesse
ShuhokuBus 94 Hamanasugo.jpg
Manufacturer Hino
Production 1995–2011
Body and chassis
Class Minibus
Body style Single-decker bus
Single-decker coach
Doors 1 or 2
Floor type Step entrance
Related Hino Poncho
Toyota Coaster R
Isuzu Journey-J
Engine Hino J05C, J05D
Transmission 5-speed manual
3-speed automatic
Length 6.6m to 8.8m
Width 2.5m
Height 3.0m
Predecessor Hino Rainbow RB/AB
Successor none

The Hino Liesse (kana:日野・リエッセ) was a step-floor minibus built by the Japanese automaker Hino Motors from 1995 to 2011. The range was primarily available as a city bus and a tourist coach.


  • KC-RX4JFAA (1995)
  • KK-RX4JFEA (1999)
  • PB-RX6JFAA (2004)
  • BDG-RX6JFBA (2007)

Liesse II[edit]

The Hino Liesse II was a rebadged Toyota Coaster.

  • KC-HZB/HDB/BB40/50 (1996)
  • KK-HZB/HDB/BB40/50 (1999)
  • PB-XZB40/50 (2004)
  • BDG/PDG-XZB40/50 (2007)

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